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adfs_Lemmings_2_Disk3.adf (19 files; 753.09 kB / 800.00 kB)

This website contains an archive of files for the Acorn Electron, BBC Micro, Acorn Archimedes, Commodore 16 and Commodore 64 computers, which Dominic Ford has rescued from his private collection of floppy disks and cassettes.

Some of these files were originally commercial releases in the 1980s and 1990s, but they are now widely available online. I assume that copyright over them is no longer being asserted. If you own the copyright and would like files to be removed, please contact me.

These files have been digitised from original 3.5-inch ADFS disks by Dominic Ford in 2022-3. They are exact replicas of the original disk media from the author's private collection.
The files below are intended to run on: Acorn Archimedes.

Disk images

Original media images
Media scan
Media scan

Filename Status File
Timestamp File hash Duplicates
icon disk3
icon disk3/L2EXTFX2
FABB FFFFFD97 67376E10 Data (FFD) 934018dd 0
icon disk3/LemClassic
1FF06 FFFCC544 F79CED20 Type CC5 (CC5) 12 Nov 1993 19:12 c0ead425 0
icon disk3/Lemendanip
EAC4 FFFFFD44 FD2E43D8 Data (FFD) 23 Nov 1993 14:40 2729b981 0
icon disk3/Lemmus
1FDF4 FFFCC544 F79B9BA0 Type CC5 (CC5) 12 Nov 1993 18:57 00e57476 0
icon disk3/Lme
C6B6 FFFCC544 FCB33008 Type CC5 (CC5) 22 Nov 1993 16:16 27f1b0b5 0
icon disk3/RmMin
008C FFFFFC44 FDBFC830 Utility (FFC) 24 Nov 1993 17:10 a9fd6746 1
icon disk3/l2DT
0004 FFFFFD44 EA287B68 Data (FFD) 17 Oct 1993 16:09 290d4b81 2
icon disk3/beach
icon disk3/beach/ASTYLE
6898 FFFFFD44 E8F80020 Data (FFD) 15 Oct 1993 08:43 6ae15f9c 0
icon disk3/cavelem
icon disk3/cavelem/ASTYLE
8E0C FFFFFD44 E8F81C40 Data (FFD) 15 Oct 1993 08:45 e788986d 0
icon disk3/circus
icon disk3/circus/ASTYLE
535C FFFFFD44 E8F839F0 Data (FFD) 15 Oct 1993 08:46 f44c3ac5 0
icon disk3/classic
icon disk3/classic/ASTYLE
4AA0 FFFFFD44 E8F85098 Data (FFD) 15 Oct 1993 08:47 0ad10930 0
icon disk3/egyptian
icon disk3/egyptian/ASTYLE
5B84 FFFFFD44 E8F86A60 Data (FFD) 15 Oct 1993 08:48 061a0eff 0
icon disk3/highland
icon disk3/highland/ASTYLE
6DC0 FFFFFD44 E8F88B30 Data (FFD) 15 Oct 1993 08:49 ab3550b3 0
icon disk3/medieval
icon disk3/medieval/ASTYLE
99E4 FFFFFD44 E8F89F80 Data (FFD) 15 Oct 1993 08:50 4d25bc7d 0
icon disk3/outdoor
icon disk3/outdoor/ASTYLE
74D0 FFFFFD44 E8F8B7B8 Data (FFD) 15 Oct 1993 08:51 6f52a135 0
icon disk3/polar
icon disk3/polar/ASTYLE
6A98 FFFFFD44 E8F8C8E8 Data (FFD) 15 Oct 1993 08:52 3612b78c 0
icon disk3/shadow
icon disk3/shadow/ASTYLE
52A4 FFFFFD44 E8F8D888 Data (FFD) 15 Oct 1993 08:53 7027dfb6 0
icon disk3/space
icon disk3/space/ASTYLE
8320 FFFFFD44 E8F8F4A8 Data (FFD) 15 Oct 1993 08:54 2a608f9b 0
icon disk3/sports
icon disk3/sports/ASTYLE
6DAC FFFFFD44 E8F90510 Data (FFD) 15 Oct 1993 08:55 640bda18 0

Directory listing
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