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Matt_Black (10 files; 192.81 kB)

This website contains an archive of files for the Acorn Electron, BBC Micro, Acorn Archimedes, Commodore 16 and Commodore 64 computers, which Dominic Ford has rescued from his private collection of floppy disks and cassettes.

Some of these files were originally commercial releases in the 1980s and 1990s, but they are now widely available online. I assume that copyright over them is no longer being asserted. If you own the copyright and would like files to be removed, please contact me.

These files have been digitised from original 3.5-inch ADFS disks by Dominic Ford in 2022-3. They are exact replicas of the original disk media from the author's private collection.
The files below are intended to run on: Acorn Archimedes.
Filename Status File
Timestamp File hash Duplicates
icon !ReadMe
icon !ReadMe/!Run
009E Obey (FEB) 20 Jun 1992 20:54 474e7542 0
icon !ReadMe/!Sprites
018C Sprite (FF9) 25 Jun 1992 17:27 67773fe8 0
icon !ReadMe/DisplayMod
08D8 Module (FFA) 17 Feb 1991 23:51 bfb1425a 1
icon !ReadMe/ReadMe
3792 Text (FFF) 24 Aug 1992 13:36 4c8f11ff 0
icon ClipSample/Volume10
icon ClipSample/Volume10/FastLane
BB70 DrawFile (AFF) 22 Jun 1992 20:45 ab28b79a 0
icon ClipSample/Volume8
icon ClipSample/Volume8/LandRover
26F4 DrawFile (AFF) 21 Jun 1992 20:48 0f07840b 0
icon ClipSample/Volume8/Tags3
32B4 DrawFile (AFF) 21 Jun 1992 21:28 9e3860c5 0
icon ClipSample/Volume9
icon ClipSample/Volume9/PaintSquir
BBE8 DrawFile (AFF) 22 Jun 1992 09:10 10d85016 0
icon ClipSample/Volume9/StrtShoot
4898 DrawFile (AFF) 22 Jun 1992 10:45 877afc1a 0
icon ClipSample/Volume9/TornPage
A710 DrawFile (AFF) 22 Jun 1992 12:48 5e9ad23b 0